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Montana authorised distributorWith many other cages available across the market place, Montana cages® is your source for premium quality parrot cages. These products offer premier craftsmanship with unique design and the highest quality materials.

They are easy to assemble and completely knockdown. All parrot cages and bird cages have both horizontal and vertical bars to facilitate climbing, swing-out feeder system with stainless steel cups, perches, castors, removable grill, trays and skirt for easy cleaning.

Montana cages are built with innovation and vision to designs based on extensive knowledge of bird and animal requirements. They provide the ideal environment for your bird and will equip you with the best choice of home for your parrot.

Parrotize UK is an authorised distributor for Montana Cages.

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Quality & Safety

avilon non-toxic coatingMontana have paid great attention to detail and all their parrot cages are manufactured to very high quality standards. The parrot cages are made from high quality steel and finished in lead & zinc free AVILON®.

They are all oven baked with a powder coated finish, resulting in a long lasting and safe environment for birds.



Premium Design Features

montana design patentMontana cages are superior in design. Many of these design features are protect by European patents. Careful attention to detail by avian experts and feedback from customers are the inputs to a continuous cycle of innovation to ensure that Montana remain the market leaders in premium quality cages for exotic birds and parrots of all sizes.

Parrot-proof door locks

Parrots can be mischevious when it comes to finding way to get out of their cages, but Montana parrot cages excel by their bird-safe lock. No unexpected escapes for your liltle friends anymore.

Secure feeder bowls

All Montana cages have stainless steel feeders with secure mounting to prevent playful parrots throwing them around and latching doors to keep them securely in positioin and for easy access.

Long lasting by design

Montana parrot cages have quality built in by design. Removable excrement grate, robust seed drawers and seeder catcher skirt are among the many superior features included on the majority of these cages.

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