Parrotize UK offers quality products to ensure the comfort and health of your companion birds with fast delivery service, low prices, secure shopping and customer satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves in bringing a touch of good “old-fashioned” customer service to online shopping. 

We supply an extensive range of parrot cages for all types of exotic birds, from Macaws to Lovebirds, Cockatoos to Conures, to keep your birds safe and happy.

Originally established over 20 years ago as a traditional pet shop, at Parrotize UK we are continually updating our product range and improving our website so that we can bring you the best products available for your birds, along with first class service and competitive prices. 

We have regular offers at prices that we are sure you will find hard to match, and you can always talk to a human voice at Parrotize UK by telephoning the number on our contact page. 

Although not involved in the direct supply of birds, with close links to the veterinary profession, Parrotize UK encourages responsible pet ownership. 

We hope you find the products you need at Parrotize UK and would like to welcome you as one of our regular satisfied customers.

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