Teaching your pet parrot to talk can be an amusing and rewarding experience, but it requires both patience and persistence on the part of the bird’s owner.

Simple words and phrases are the usual vocabulary for most pet birds, but this lady obviously went to extraordinary lengths to educate her feathered companion.

A lost pet parakeet has been returned safely to its owner in the Japanese capital Tokyo after it told the police its home address.

The bird’s owner, a 64-year-old woman, said she taught the address to her pet after she bought him two years ago.

She had lost another parakeet previously and wanted to ensure that did not happen again, police said….

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So with perseverance and the right type of encouragement there is no telling what our parrot friends might be capable of. 🙂

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Image by striatic via Flickr


If you are interested in training your pet bird, I recommend you check out these training videos.

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