Liberta Alaska Play Top Corner Parrot Cage


This is a spacious cage to make your parrot at home in the corner of your room.

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Product Description

Liberta Alaska Play Top Corner Parrot CageĀ is ideal when you want to utilise the corner of a room and still give youe bird plenty of space with easy access for feeeding and cleaning.

The Alaska Corner Cage includes 4 feeders and 2 perches, plus 2 seed catchers.

Available in Antique finish.



  • 1 Internal Perch
  • 1 Play Top Perch
  • 2 Swing Out Bowls
  • 2 Play Top Bowls
  • 1 Play Top Ladder
  • 2 Removeable Seed Catchers
  • Drop Down Door

N.B. Toys and accessories not supplied unless stated.

Additional information


Cage size

Internal cage height

Bar spacing

Wire strength

N.B. Specifications subject to change without notice


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