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Haiti Parrot Cage: Lowest price ever

The Haiti Parrot Cage is one of the most popular cages for African Greys, Amazons and other medium sized parrots. We are currently offering the Haiti parrot cage in Stone for only £139 – our lowest price ever for this qualilty parrot cage. But this price is only available WHILE CURRENT STOCKS LAST so grab […]

How to get your Parrot Talking

Eager to start your parrot talking? People all over the world are amused when they hear a parrot talking. Whether on holiday, at the zoo or visiting a parrot owner, we can enjoy the feeling of communicating with these beautiful, intelligent creatures.  We love hearing their clever mimicry and sometimes cheeky outbursts. Perhaps hearing a […]

Can your parrot talk?

‘Hello’ from Parrot Talk Parrots are amazing creatures, extremely intelligent and sensitive, but require a lot of interaction and attention to keep them stimulated.  In return they will provide you with hours of amusement.  With a little patience, maybe you will be able to teach your parrot to talk or perhaps a few tricks. In […]

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