Liberta Enterprise Large Open Top Parrot Cage


Liberta Enterprise is a large, attractive, robust parrot cage which makes an ideal home for Macaws or Cockatoos as well as pairs of African Greys or Amazons.

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Product Description

Enterprise Large Open Top Parrot Cage is a large cage suitable for Macaws, Cockatoos, African Greys, large Amazons and similar sized parrots. It features an open top perch.

The Enterprise large parrot cage comes complete with 3 feeder bowls, full internal perches and seed catcher.

Available in Antique finish.



  • 3 Feeder Bowls
  • 2 Internal Perches
  • Swing Out Feeders
  • Seed Catcher with Grill
  • Slide-Out Tray
  • Open Top perch
  • Drop-down Landing Door
  • Full Height Door

N.B. Toys and accessories not supplied unless stated.


Additional information

Weight 53 kg

Cage size

Overall size (with seed catcher)

Internal cage height

Bar spacing

Wire strength

N.B. Specifications subject to change without notice


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